Elena Ivanova, Talking to the Moon, escape from Russia by sailboat

I love what Meg and I did in order to be together, to be ourselves. Though it was a lot of pain, fear and uncertainty, we were doing what was right for us. People tell me how courageous it was of me to take this trip, but in reality it was the most natural thing I have ever done. What costs you way more, what destroys you, is not the fight, but doing nothing, not changing your life, living it the way somebody else wants you to live, fulfilling their dreams not yours.

Trip to Canada and being with Meg liberated me in so many ways I can’t count them all. Sometimes when I see women passing by me, they all made up and “proper”, I want to liberate them too, I want to scream how great it feels to be yourself, not to be with a person you don’t want to be with, to wear comfortable clothing and shoes, do things that you want to do, to be strong and capable. I can’t imagine living any other way now, for me there is no way back. I found freedom, I found myself and I couldn’t be happier!

I felt great need to tell my story to the world. I have written it down in my book called Talking to the Moon. Currently, the book is only in Russian.

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