Talking to the Moon

Talking to the moon, book, Elena Ivanova, escape from Russia by sailboat

Elena, in a letter to Meg, from Russia, February 02, 2006

Oh dear, I knew, or rather I felt, you might ask me why am I afraid to lose you! But it’s so simple! It’s because I need you, you are my greatest need, so that’s why I’m afraid!

All my SMSs are my thoughts and sudden need to tell you some words. I just adore writing to you in any time! There are times when I feel so strong how I miss you and need you, it’s like I’m hungry! Oh, Meg, I really see you are tired of waiting too! We both are tired! And you’re right, “the clock is counting down to us”! I feel that too, and I look at the calendar with crazy smile now, for it will be Friday again! Wow, it’s like we were just talking about Friday and here is another one! I feel like it is my last week here, my last days, as if it is 15’th February! That’s really strange feeling for I almost say good bye to everything and everyone I see now.

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My book, “Talking to the Moon” is currently only in Russian.