Meg, escape from Russia by sailboat, Talking to the Moon

I love you, Lena, more that I knew I could ever love anyone. You are my treasure, my need, my purpose, my love, my everything!

from Meg’s letter to Elena on February 14, 2006, one day before meeting in Kiev

Meg’s “Convergence”

Meg is working on the story of our escape and fight for love — in English. Part One of the book, highlighting our very different backgrounds, and just what we were up against, in the fight for our love, is available below.

Part One – Read Online

My Interview with Meg

Meg’s reflections on our escape, decision to help me flee, women’s empowerment

Know That You Can be Free, book cover, Elena and MegOut there – in Ukraine, in Turkey and in the ocean – it was the two of us. Everything that stood in my way, stood also in Meg’s way. Only it always seemed to me that while all I had to do was to follow Meg’s footsteps, she had it way harder. She came up with, planned and realized an endeavor that layed squarely on her shoulders and which because of it’s complexity and enormousness seemed unachievable.

It is an understatement to say that Meg astonished me and continues to do so. She may have shared years of her life with me, but until this day I try to figure her out, find the source of her courage, energy, the ability to squeeze, drill a way through virtually any obstacle standing in her way. This interview with Meg was intended to do just that.

8,000 words, © 2017 Elena Ivanova, Morgan Stone

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